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 Join us as we celebrate our 3 - year journey around the World on our BMW GS 1150 between   2006 - 2009. 

 Our new website will reflect on our travels, and we hope it will inspire, assist and encourage 

 like - minded folk to discover this beautiful world.       Nick & Les. 


A Bit About Us


I was brought up with bikes in the family. My grandfather had a bike with side car which initially was his only form of transport in which my Dad and grandmother travelled. My Dad commuted from RAF stations in Ireland and the Shetland Isles on a bike but was against his only son and heir becoming a biker.

This did not deter me though and with my first wage packet I arranged a loan to buy my first bike and haven’t looked back since, (even though I’ve had a couple of `come offs`). Over the years I’ve changed my bikes on a regular basis having put a lot of miles on them. In 1975 I joined the Police force and in 1978 became one of the full time Police motorcyclists. I became one of the youngest Motorcycle instructors in the country in 1984 and have just completed my last bit of teaching with Norfolk Constabulary, months before my retirement in September 2005.

I have spent 18 years of my 30 years service on the Motorcycle section with Norfolk Constabulary. During this time I have also ridden my own bikes - whenever I can, both socially and sportingly. I have been known to pop to Scotland for breakfast and pop to Wales for the afternoon to administer first aid to my son Daniel. Recently I rode Lands end to John O`Groats in!!!! On my day off, why? Because I could!

Throughout my service I have wanted to travel and have adventures and the next big one will be this world tour when I retire.


I met Nick when on a police training course in Ashford and the relationship began with a heated discussion on who would win a certain race. Nick was a great fan of the late great Barry Sheene and could not be persuaded that there were any other riders good enough.

At the time I was involved with the Newmarket Motorcycle club, which ran races at Snetterton circuit, where I scrutinised leathers and helmets and drove the wagon collecting riders and bikes after races.

“Love me love my bike” seems to have worked over the past 28 years. With our two sons, Daniel and Ian settled into their respective school routines, I completed my CBT and full test at C J Ball in Norwich; going on to become a C J Ball CBT instructor for 3 years. Over the years Nick and I have toured in Europe on our bike or bikes and have loved every minute of it.

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